SEEC Celebration Night 2023

SEEC Celebration Night

Last month our SEEC teams got together for our annual SEEC celebration night. We all dressed up and got together on a Saturday night to celebrate ourselves and each of our centres. It was such a fun night with singing, a buffet dinner, a professional hula hoop dancer, dancing, and plenty of photos!

The professional hula hoop dancer wowed us with tricks we thought were not possible and then gave us a turn to try them out. It was a lot harder than it looked. The best part of the night was the award presentation as we were able to recognise and celebrate those who work so hard for the happiness and safety of the children in our care.

Thank you to Margaret, Antonela, Ann-Marie and Sultana for organising the night and bringing all of SEEC together as one big community!

The SEEC celebration night of our award winners

We’re so proud of all our award winners and we had an excellent time celebrating their achievements.

Integrity Award

For being outstanding in ‘building trust, being open, honest and demonstrating integrity: Helen (CEEC), Thesa (NEEC), Sunita (WEEC)

Team Player Award

or being outstanding in working collaboratively with and supporting others to achieve goals and positive outcomes): Natalie (CEEC), Jono (NEEC), Mary (WEEC)

Leadership Award

For being outstanding in enacting leadership in positive and purposeful ways: Mel (CEEC), Selma (NEEC), Julia (WEEC)

Inclusive Practice Award

For being outstanding in respecting and seeking diverse perspectives, knowledge and individual and group strengths: Vida (CEEC), Clare (NEEC), Reetu (WEEC)

Innovation in Education Award

For being outstanding in your commitment to seeking quality improvements and educational change in innovation: Rochelle (CEEC), Bek (NEEC), Isabella (WEEC)

Community Learners Award

This award went to our Child Safe Action Group (SEEC) – including Ann-Marie, Aimee, Antonela, Bronte, Isabella, Rozina, Sophie, & Sultana.

Plan Group including Jamie, Mel, & Ann-Marie.

Advocacy for Children Award

For being outstanding in promoting and defending children’s rights, needs, and interests: Bronte (NEEC)

5 years of Service Award

For 5 years of dedication and service to SEEC: Reetu (WEEC) and Pallavi (WEEC).

Sustainability Award

For being outstanding in your commitment to sustainable practices: Mathew (WEEC)

Thanks for acknowledging our award winners, we are so very proud of our team and all of the hard work that they put in. You can explore joining our team and see what vacancies are available at our service or learn more about the superstars at SEEC by visiting our centres.

Written By

Bronte, NEEC’s Diploma Community Leader

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