SEEC Team Celebration Night

Our WEEC, NEEC & CEEC teams came together for their annual Celebration night at Lachlan’s Old Government House last Friday 5 February. It was such a fun and relaxed night and so lovely to see all the teams get together and catch up after a difficult 2020. One positive outcome of Covid last year was that the CEEC team worked in NEEC & WEEC while they waited for a delayed CEEC to open and many new friendships developed between the different centres. We also have many staff returning to SEEC after maternity leave and moving away and sometimes they return to different SEEC centres. So, we really are a SEEC community and this was obvious by the happy chatter, shared Karaoke songs and on the dance floor. Thank you to all the families and staff for your team award votes and contributions. We are happy to announce the awards for 2021 went to:

5 Years of Loyal Service and Commitment to Sydney Early Education Centres

Cathy (NEEC), Jenny G (NEEC), Sunita (WEEC), Yi (NEEC) Alice H. (NEEC) Gauri (WEEC) Jie (CEEC)

Leadership award

Alice C (CEEC), Claudia (NEEC), Rozina (WEEC) Runner Up Sunny (WEEC)

Inclusive Practice Award

Jamie (CEEC), Joshua (NEEC), Reetu (WEEC) Runner Up: Michelle (WEEC)

Innovation in Education Award

Jenny G (NEEC), Jenny W (WEEC), Natalie (CEEC) Runners up: Anu (WEEC) Marlaina (NEEC)

Team player Award

Chandana (NEEC) Jessica (CEEC) Sarinthip WEEC) Runners up: Fulori (NEEC)

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