Team Talk

Team Talk is where we celebrate the amazing educators who make Sydney Early Education Centre a special place. Here, you’ll get to know the dedicated team members who nurture our children’s curiosity, ignite their love of learning, and guide them on their early childhood journey.

Every month, Team Talk will feature a different team member from each of our Services, delving into their background, experience, and the unique ways they contribute to our shared goals. You’ll see firsthand the passion, expertise, and commitment that goes into creating a stimulating and supportive environment for all our children.

“Learning and teaching should not stand on opposite banks and just watch the river flow by; instead, they should embark together on a journey down the water. Through an active, reciprocal exchange, teaching can strengthen learning and how to learn.”


Meet the people featured in Team Talk this month

Meet Mithi,
CEEC Certificate 3 Trainee Educator  

I joined Cheltenham Early Education Centre (CEEC) in June 2024 and am currently undertaking a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care traineeship. In my past role, I did a Certificate IV in Business Administration from TAFE Hornsby and worked as a back office administrator. I have well-adjusted to the CEEC team in a short span of time, due to the warm support extended by my colleagues and friendly environment.   

I am a strong advocate for early childhood education and have been a parent volunteer at Beecroft Primary School over the past 5 years. I believe in lifelong learning, and I am committed and passionate to contribute to children’s development and well-being, as they are our future.  

  • Education – Passionate pursuit of exemplary early childhood education and commitment to innovation.
  • Collaboration – Harmonious Partnership to achieve collective goals and positive outcomes.
  • Community – Nurturing supportive, diverse, respectful, and reciprocal relationships so that everyone has a sense of belonging

What’s a fun fact about you that most people don’t know? 

I am a friendly person and ready to chat at the drop of a hat! I am passionate about baking and culinary skills; a fan of MasterChef shows and keen to learn international foods. My favourite relaxation time is to have a cup of Coffee and listening to Indian Music!

Meet Tabatha,
NEEC Childcare Educator working towards Certificate III 

My name is Tabatha and I graduated high school in 2023. I am now currently studying Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care, as I would like to pursue teaching. Coming from a large Spanish family with many young cousins to care for, I discovered my passion for working with children early on. Being around children reveals so much about their curiosity and character, and it’s incredibly fulfilling to get to know them and help them grow.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time working with the children and developing strong relationships with each of them. I find great joy in getting to know each child individually and understanding their unique personalities and needs. This experience not only enhances my connection with the children but also allows me to continually expand my knowledge and expertise in the field. Building these relationships and gaining deeper insights into child development is incredibly rewarding and motivating.

Tabatha shares our vision and values, especially the importance of…….    

  • Being a positive thinker to solve any obstacles        
  • Growing curiosity  
  •  Showing respect  with anyone and with anything

What’s a fun fact about you that most people don’t know? 

I like listening to soundtrack music, the music that’s behind a scene of a movie is the best part of the movie. A movie would be so boring without the music behind it telling the story, it tells the emotion on that we can’t see. I only watch movies just to listen to the soundtrack and i’ll rewatch it over again if it’s good. I also like going to orchestras based on soundtrack music.

Meet Matthew,
WEEC Certificate III Trainee Educator (currently studying for a Diploma)

Before I began with WEEC, I was working with many different types of animals. I worked in a Vet Clinic with dogs, cats and lizards and in a laboratory with mice! My work with animals has allowed me to educate adults and children about animal behaviour and how to give them the best quality of care.  This inspired my passion for education. Children love animals and can learn a lot about how to care for them, and why animals do the things they do. It is also seen that learning about empathy, relationships, the environment, and nature are just some of the benefits children receive by caring for animals. 

The early years of a child’s life are busy. I believe learning is happening all the time and is interwoven through all developmental domains. I believe using my animal background in early childhood education can be a valuable part of their education and care experience, enriching their learning about nature, ecology, and relationships. My goal in working with WEEC is to support the creation of ongoing learning experiences that are safe, positive, and fun, nurturing the whole child as I strive to guide them into the next stage of development with confidence in themselves and an excitement for continued learning. 

Matthew shares our vision and values, especially the importance of… 

  • Commitment to evolving practices around sustainability 
  • Providing quality child-driven learning experiences 
  • Creating a safe, happy, and inviting environment for children and families 

What is your favourite hobby? 

I like fishing with my family. Fishing helps me unplug from outside and spend unhurried and undivided time with my loved ones.  

The team members you’ve met in Team Talk are just a glimpse of the incredible team at Sydney Early Education Centres. We believe in fostering a collaborative environment where experienced professionals can share their knowledge and passion for early childhood development.

If you’re looking for a career that’s both challenging and rewarding, where you can make a real difference in the lives of young children, we encourage you to consider joining our community of leaders. We offer opportunities for professional growth, a supportive work environment, and the chance to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share your dedication to nurturing young minds.

“Respect all the reasonable forms of activity in which the child engages and try to understand them.’