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From the CEEC Team, Meet Vida


CEEC Certificate 3 Educator

ECE Background

My name is Vida, and I joined the CEEC team in July 2021. Working in a children’s community language school inspired me to pursue a career in early education, and I completed my ‘Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care’ in early 2021. I believe every child is unique and I am passionate about providing rich learning opportunities in a safe and caring environment to ensure the best possible start in life. I am a creative person and will implement plans that enhance each individual child’s learning, interests and cover all areas of their development.

In my spare time, I love watercolour drawing and making sculptures with clay. I also like being creative in my cooking and trying out recipes from different cultures.



Vida shares our vision and values, especially the importance of...

Working and supporting each other in partnership and teams to achieve collective goals and positive outcomes.



Having a passionate pursuit of exemplary early childhood education and a commitment to educational change and innovation.



Respecting and seeking the diverse perspectives, knowledge and strengths that our children, staff, families and other stakeholders bring to our community of learners.

Anu shares our vision and values, especially the importance of…

Early childhood and research-based practices. I forever endeavour to keep myself up to date with current sector knowledge and recent developments in early childhood research




Building collaborative partnerships with children and their families.




Bringing exemplary quality care and education to the children in our Service.

From the NEEC Team: Meet Anu


NEEC Diploma Head of Community 

ECE Background

My name is Anu and I have been working with SEEC since 2013, primarily at Westmead Early Education Centre with the 0-3 year old children. I am currently the Early Learning Head of Community Leader at Northmead Early Education Centre and have also acted in the roles of Chief Fire Warden and Sustainability officer over the years.  

Actively embedding the cultural heritage of children is at the base of my teaching practices. I strongly believe that children should have a strong sense of comfort in their identity. This will further inform their learning and exploration and encourage them to be open to diversity and the multicultural community in which we live.  

My pedagogical practices are reflected in the organisation of learning spaces for the children, created to invite exploration, inquisitiveness, problem-solvin, creativity and working with others in a team. I finally have been given the opportunity to work with the talented and dedicated team of NEEC and I am very excited to share my knowledge and learn at the same time. 

From the WEEC Team: Meet Pallavi


WEEC Diploma Educator

ECE Background

I am a commerce graduate from India and have completed my Certificate 3 In Early Childhood Education and Care from TAFE before working in family daycare in Australia. I joined the WEEC team in 2018 and have worked with all the different learning groups. I am currently working in the Early learner’s learning group. I completed a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care in 2021 through TAFE to enhance my knowledge and impart quality care to children.

I always knew this was the career path I wanted to pursue as I love to help children grow and develop both physically and cognitively. Working with children every day is always fun and different. I thank WEEC for all the support and guidance for the past 4 years and for helping me to grow as a professional educator.

Pallavi shares our vision and values, especially the importance of…

Providing loving care to children and ensuring a safe and secure environment



Providing opportunities for the children to explore, discover, create, and enhance their imaginations by involving children in different hands-on experimental learning.



All children and families’ individual beliefs and cultures being acknowledged, respected and supported.